• SatoriCCM
    SatoriCCM - Continuous Control Monitoring simplified
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  • QLD Health Manages Exceptions with Caseware
    Find out how Queensland Health are using Caseware Monitor to manage their exceptions.
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  • Coca-Cola Amatil Case Study
    Find out how SatoriCCM help reduce Coca-Cola Amatil's company credit cards spending.
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  • Auditing made easy
    Plan and carry out your internal audits from start to finish with Satori's Pentana Audit Management solution
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  • Data Visualisation
    Satori's Dundas Dashboards adds life and excitement to your key performance indicators
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  • Improving Internal Controls
    Create a Continuous Control and Monitoring environment to manage exceptions and revenue leakages with SatoriCCM
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  • Identify Business Weaknesses
    Apply Data Analytics to automate the testing of any transactional data source to find exceptions and other abnormal activities.
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Satori Group offers a stable of products which provide business improvement solutions in the following application areas:

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist businesses to achieve the following objectives:

  • Control data from multiple sources

    All of Satori's products are compatible with most common data sources, meaning you can now have a centralised depository of business information.
  • Plan in more detail with more accuracy in less time

    Improve understanding of the business to provide more accurate insights into future goals and plans.
  • Report meaningful information to management

    Providing management with timely and accurate reports in customisable formats for easy access to key performance indicators.
  • Analyse for improved business decisions

    Create an environment for greater analysis to add true value to the organisation.
  • Improve the data quality and the business continuously

    Ensure the quality of data is at its peak, reduce human errors and monitor for fraud and abnormal activity.


  • Energex has been working with Satori over the past three years. Initially, when establishing a program of quarterly data analytics over financial transactions, and more recently in the implementation of SatoriCCM within our Accounts Payable and Procurement processes. The SatoriCCM solution showed an immediate return on investment within the first three months by improving the quality of the supplier masterfile, identifying erroneous payments and improving the efficiency of controls assurance over these processes.
    Brad Pye, Internal Audit Manager
  • Using a software tool like Pentana allows me to demonstrate our commitment to better practice auditing and achieving an efficient and effective audit service for the organisation. A standard process which incorporates risk assessments in all audits has greatly improved the quality of our audits and therefore value add back to the business. All audits staff are consistently using it and it really has streamlined our whole audit process.
    Tracey Lawrance, Chief Auditor, Safety and Assurance
  • The business was growing and we acquired another business 2 years ago, resulting in another 100 staff under us. Because of this, additional reporting was required to Singapore and it just got too great to do it in an Excel spreadsheet manner. We needed a system that everyone could use and extract information that is correct and one version.  The Satori Group has been really supportive of our requirements, the backup and support has been second to none.
    Colin Hardie, Financial Accountant
  • Metcash's systems process very large numbers of transactions. Over several years, we have developed Continuous Auditing applications that interrogate these high volume systems on a regular (often daily) basis looking for confirmation that key controls have continued to operate effectively. Importantly, the applications that provide these benefits are fully automated and work-flowed. Significant benefits have been returned over time both in controls assurance and the identification and correction of the inevitable transaction errors that arise in very high-volume transaction environments.
    Glen Laslett, Group Audit Manager
  • QLeave is a portable long service leave authority for the building, construction and contract cleaning industries in QLD. We use Satori’s solutions across the organisation, primarily in the areas of data cleansing and records management. We have significantly reduced and eliminated the number of duplicate records, which has saved us at least 5,000 duplicate mail-outs annually. Information that used to be difficult to extract from the system (e.g. average weekly rate of pay) is now readily accessible, and more importantly, accurate.
    Alison Clark, Principal Internal Auditor
  • We’re a small internal audit shop and we required technology to drive part of the audit program. We’re running Continuous Control Monitoring across payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The Satori Group has provided us with an effective solution, which saves valuable time and resources. We make extensive use of the Satori Group’s expert knowledge in assisting us with implementing and helping to expand the CCM Solution.
    Kerry Wilson, Manager Internal Audit